About us

TBS Ltd. is an international trading company providing some of the world’s most innovative and advanced technological solutions securing Land, Air and Space.

Through a global partnership network, we are successfully operating in various markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Established in 2006, our company has been an esteemed and trustworthy partner to its customers for more than seventeen years. Throughout the successful management, supervision and execution of numerous complex projects, TBS has continuously demonstrated its professionalism and reliability and has consistently been perceived by its partners as committed to always delivering excellence.


Strictly adhering to our strategy to provide futureproof agile technological solutions, we have built stable partnerships with the leaders in the aerospace and security industries. Benefiting from these collaborations, utilising our vast experience, and impeccable reputation, we are able to provide comprehensive and viable solutions that fully correspond to our clients’ needs.

The international trading activity of TBS is in full compliance with the resolutions of the Security Council of the UN and the international treaties, for which the company holds all necessary permits and licenses for import, export, transfer and brokering of defence products and dual-use technologies and commodities.

TBS has passed security clearance certification and has a NATO approved supplier code under the NCAGE codification system. The company is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, as well as a regular corporate member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association – AFCEA International. 

Since 2007, TBS operates under an integrated system for quality management and information security in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013. 


The four pillars on which we have built our business model are respect, honesty, professionalism & reliability. With over 17 years’ experience in trading internationally with advanced defence safety and security technologies, we are confident we can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. 


Growing from the foundations of considerable expertise and extensive intelligence about the safety and security sector we use an innovative approach to create Working Solutions for a safer world. 


Our mission is to preserve our outstanding reputation in the safety and security industry and to maintain the highest business standards by providing Working Solutions to our partners.


We treat our clients with the utmost respect they deserve, knowing that it is the foundation of a successful long-term partnership.


We highly appreciate the trust our customers and partners have in us and we are ready to prove worthy of it with loyalty and personal commitment. 


We constantly aim at providing high quality products and services, always keeping in mind that our customer’s satisfaction is at the very centre of our success. 


We are fully dedicated to our clients and partners and we always aim at providing the most suitable solution to fulfil their expectations.

Perseverance and Ambition

We see every achievement as a cornerstone that takes us a step closer towards reaching our full potential and empowers us to take on new opportunities. 


We do not merely use our employees and collaborators’ resources and talents but we also stimulate and invest in their personal and professional development because we know that their individual achievements are the basis for our collective success.


Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO/IEC 27001:2013
Certificate for registration of broker activity with defense-related products
License for import and export of defence-related products
Certificate for registration of transfer of defence-related products
Certificate of Registration for export and transfer of dual-use Items and Technologies
Certificate of registration for brokering activity with dual use Items and Technology
AFCEA Corporate Member Certificate
Personal data administrator certificate

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