The website of TBS Ltd. (The website) uses the identificators called cookies. We use cookies in order to make sure that you will receive the most appropriate information. They help for the personalization in respect of the use of our services and provision of more relevant content, matching your individual preferences.

What is a cookie?

The cookies are small text computer data, stored in the browser of the user, intended to be used from websites. Thеse data allow to be identified and the proper conduct of a given website matching the user’s individual preferences. A cookie usually contains the name of the website, the duration of the storage on the final device and unique number.

By using our Website, you agree that TBS Ltd can store cookies in your computer or mobile device.

What kinds of cookies do we use on the Website?

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website and the provision of our services to users, as well as ensuring secure web environment.

Functional cookies

These cookies help us to personalize the use of the Website towards users in accordance with your preferences.

Targeting cookies

By processing these cookies we receive information on how you use our website, in order to comply the offered advertising content with your preferences.

How to remove cookies?

The cookie settings, which you receive from the website, can be controlled from the control panel of your browser, which you are using. Please have in mind, that of the restriction of the cookies can affect some of the functionalities, that the Internet webpage provides to the user. The standard software for browsing allows the positioning of cookies by default.

These settings can be changed to block an automatic cookie control in the browser or to inform the browser each time when a cookie is attached to the user’s device. Detailed information on the options for this and how cookies are used is available in your browser settings.

Cookies and personal data

Information, which is collected from cookies, can be used only to perform specific functions on the website linked to the user itself. The data is encrypted to prevent access by unauthorized persons and is not used in any way except for the purpose of providing the full functionality of the website and the use of our services.

The technical information, which we collect on cookies, is not subject to personal data, within the meaning of General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and is not sufficiency individualizing. Its use is required for the proper functioning of the website, collection of necessary information, including legally required information, and for ensuring the security of the users of the website, as well as for improving the services we provide to you.

Any future changes in our cookie policy will be published on the Website.