BCAS Mobile Plovdiv

Committed to continuously delivering excellence, TBS Ltd. provided the most effective vehicle mountable bird deterrence system on the market for a Proof of Concept to Plovdiv Airport. The aerodrome near Plovdiv is the fifth airport in Bulgaria set to experience first-hand the power of the proprietary Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR) inducing frequency utilized by the BCAS Mobile. The ASR provoking signal not only does not cause habituation in avian species even after repeated exposure, but also does not cause stress to the birds, unlike the traditional and widely used distress calls. Additionally, there is no need to search for a particular sound for different species.

BCAS Mobile is designed and manufactured by Volacom Jsc, a hi-tech engineering company specialized in research, development and manufacturing of avian detection and deterrence systems. BCAS Mobile is distributed globally by TBS Ltd., the key commercial and integration partner of Volacom.

The wildlife management team at Plovdiv Airport were keen to test this novice solution in real life environment. They were hugely impressed by the quality of the build of the solution and the immense power produced by the purposely built sound horns. We from TBS Ltd. are confident that the experts responsible for the safety of the flights at Plovdiv Airport will also be overwhelmed by the effectiveness of the BCAS Mobile and are looking forward for a long-lasting partnership with the aerodrome.

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