BCAS Mobile NATO Edition

On 10 May 2022, a custom BCAS Mobile system mounted on a high-performance SUV was sent off on a special mission to a NATO military airbase to assure bird-free runways for safe take-off / landing of the Pact’s aircraft. The system was requested due to increased air traffic and number of aircraft in the base, following the war in Ukraine and geopolitical tension in the region. Not having a dedicated bird control technology at the airfield currently represented an increased bird strike risk, with expensive fighter jets and cargo aircraft carrying precious supplies.
The project was implemented together with Volacom’s strategic partner company TBS Ltd., whose trained experts provided the necessary logistics, training, and maintenance support, overlooking and managing the entire procurement process. It is another successful delivery after years of fruitful cooperation between the two companies.
Volacom and TBS Ltd. are committed to continuously supporting NATO forces with specialized wildlife control equipment. We hope that protecting the organization’s assets from wildlife-inflicted damage will contribute to further strengthening its defence and prevention capabilities and bring about a sooner end to the deadly conflict in Ukraine.

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