TBS Ltd. finished successfully its participation in the exhibition “Safety and Security” (23-26.02.2011) in Inter Expo Center – Sofia.

The visitors of the forum were very interested and paid special attention of the system Mobile Video PatrollerTM – innovative solution, combining in it mobile workstation and a system for video monitoring in real time, intended for installation in patrol cars which is used extensively by the low enforcement in USA. Secretary General of Ministry of Interior Kalin Georgiev considered the stand of TBS Ltd. and from the position of his competence and experience in the work with special police equipment said that Mobile Video Patroller TM is “the future” which Bulgarian police has to seek, following global trends and best practices.

In line with the actual topics of the day – eavesdrop and special investigative techniques, big interest at the exhibition caused and SecuVoice – Micro SD card for encrypted mobile communications which is a part from the product portfolio of the company. Interest to SecuVoice showed representatives of public administration, Ministry of Interior, State Agency of National Security and private companies in Bulgaria. Indicative for the quality of SecuVoice is the fact that German Government recently bought 5000 cards for encrypted communications for its own needs and for the needs of federal intelligence and the police.

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