TBS Ltd. presents to the Bulgarian technological market the last edition of the card for encrypted mobile communications Secuvoice

Secuvoice is a hardware based solution that encrypts the call and authenticates the identity of the user by a special encapsulated encrypting microprocessor, which is integrated into a micro SD memory card. The device is easy for use, it is compatible with a lot of models mobile phones, provides a high quality of conversations and doesn’t waste resource of the battery. The technology is developed by the German Federal Office for security in informational technologies for use in the Government sector and has a certificate for security from NATO.

The advantage of Secuvoice over the other encryption devices is that it doesn’t leave any sign on the memory of the mobile phone. The application for encrypted calls, SMS and all sensitive data like the contacts for encrypted calls and the history of the calls are kept directly on the Secuvoice card. At the moment when the card is out of the phone it is an ordinary phone again without any chance of someone understanding that it has worked with Secuvoice. Very soon a system will be developed for encryption of emails again by Secuvoice.

To ensure the security of its communications The German Government recently bought 5000 Secuvoice cards for encrypted calls for its own needs and for the needs of the whole office of federal intelligence and the police.

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