TBS and HDS Expand Cooperation

TBS and Hades Defense Systems (HDS) have engaged in a cooperation in the domains of airport safety and security. Experts from both companies have met and discussed possible expansion of the cooperation between TBS and HDS by pursuing the development of value-added solutions for the aviation industry. In particular, the representatives of the two Bulgarian companies have elaborated on how to augment the capabilities of the innovative autonomous bird detection and deterrence solution from the TBS portfolio, by coupling it with the HDS’ 3D Pulse Detection Radar. The radar developed and offered by HDS is designed for automatic detection and tracking of a wide-range of land-based and airborne targets. The radar excels in detection of highly manoeuvrable aerial targets with small reflective surface area.

Both TBS and HDS believe that there are undisputable synergies by combining the unique capabilities of the two solutions, which would undoubtedly bring additional benefits to our valued customers. With the expansion of the scope of the strategic cooperation between TBS and HDS, both organisations reaffirm their commitment to providing best-in-class comprehensive solutions catered for the ever-growing demands of our clients.

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