On 25 August 2022, during its regular general assembly meeting, the members of the Bulgarian Defence Industry Association – acad. Stefan Vodenicharov (BDIA) accepted TBS as an associated member.

The Association aims at forming an “united voice” of the Bulgarian defensive industry on the matters of modernization, defensive industry policy, the offset policy and the policy for procedures and procurement for the defense and the safety of the country, the scientific researches and the technological development.

The Defence Industry in Bulgaria, which was founded more than a century ago, has long-standing traditions for reliable and high-quality products. Building on the strong fundament of extensive know-how and considerable experience, the Bulgarian Aerospace and Defence sector is currently oriented towards the development of versatile and modern production capabilities, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards and quality of the products it is globally renowned for.

We believe, that as members of the renowned BDIA family, TBS can further contribute to the positive reputation and technological advancement of the Bulgarian Defence Industry worldwide.

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