National Military University Space

TBS brought young cadets from the “Vasil Levski” National Military University (NMU), Bulgaria on a journey to space. On 24 March 2022, to signify its longstanding partnership with the NMU “Vasil Levski”, TBS organized a special event including a presentation and a demonstration of the latest technologies and innovations in the space sector for a group of young, highly motivated and eager to learn cadets. The group was led by the Brigadier General Ivan Malamov, the chief of the military university, himself. The students and their supervisors, were able to get acquainted first-hand with the latest technological developments and future trends in the space segment. TBS is sure the cadets, who participated in the event, are now convinced that space is even closer than what they have imagined and aspired.

This one-day event was a part of the venture, TBS and NMU “Vasil Levski” have undertaken, to co-develop payloads for the fastest developing segment of the space industry – the nanosatellite one. Judging by the numerous questions and ideas generated by the young and progressive cadets, we are confident that the cutting-edge innovative concepts we are working on will soon realize into next generation satellite payloads.

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