TBS Delivers BCAS Mobile to Burgas Airport

TBS Ltd. has successfully delivered and installed the cutting-edge vehicle mountable Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS Mobile) at Burgas Airport. As experts in aviation safety, TBS is proud to announce that this innovative technology will significantly enhance flight safety and mitigate the risks associated with bird strikes in the vicinity of the airport operated by Fraport Twin Star Airport Management.

BCAS Mobile with its unique deterrence approach combined with its data-driven analytics software brings wildlife management to the next level. The system collects comprehensive data on bird behavior patterns, migration routes, and frequency of encounters, facilitating in-depth analysis to further refine safety protocols and optimize operational procedures. 

By implementing the BCAS Mobile at Burgas Airport, a critical step has been taken towards ensuring safer skies for all flights. We applaud the proactive approach taken by Burgas Airport to mitigate the risks associated with bird strikes. This significant milestone is a testament to their unwavering dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that the successful implementation of the BCAS Mobile at Burgas Airport will serve as a model for other airports worldwide. As the aviation industry continues to prioritize safety and innovation, we are confident that this remarkable technology will find its way into many more airports, making the skies even safer for all of us.

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