TBS Ltd. took part in “Space for Defence and Security – Balkan and Black Sea Perspectives – II” conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 24 March 2023. The day long intense event was under the patronage of the Ministry of Innovation and Growth of the Republic of Bulgaria. The panellists included the Mr. Ivan Demedzhiev – Deputy Prime Minister of Bulgaria and Interior Minister, Mr. Stefan Savov – Deputy Minister of Innovation and Growth, Colonel Vladislav Shekerov – Director of Armaments Policy Directorate to the Ministry of Defence, Colonel Assoc. Prof. DSc Borislav Genov – Director of Bulgarian Defence Institute, Mr. Pascal Legai – Senior Advisor to ESA DG Security, Mr. Vasileios Kalogirou – EUSPA, Hon. Senator, Dominique Tilmans,  President of EURISY, representatives of the business and academia.

The distinguished presenters deliberated on exploiting the latest space technologies for augmenting the defense and security capabilities. The discussions were focused around three main topics – Science, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship for Space for Defense and Security, Protecting our Critical Infrastructure and Making the Seas More Secure

TBS Ltd. is committed to staying at the forefront of defence technology and innovation, and we believe events like this are crucial for advancing global cooperation and innovation in the field of defence and security.

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