TBS DIAMATIX Cyber Security

TBS Ltd. as company securing Land, Air and Space is continuously striving for excellence and is also constantly on the lookout for ways to safeguard its infrastructure and protect the data of its valued customers and partners. Analysing the market trends and taking into account the latest tendencies in the cybersecurity sector, the information technology experts of the company opted for the implementation of the most comprehensive “Zero Trust” security solutions on the market. The selected partner for the execution of the project, which includes Network Security, Device & Data Protection, and Policies & Procedures Implementation is DIAMATIX Ltd.

TBS has chosen DIAMATIX for its tailored approach, which fits the needs of our company. DIAMATIX have managed to understand the complex matter of the data sensitivity in the defence and security sector we operate in and have proposed the best solution for network and information security. The utilized products and services of this comprehensive solution are: Fortigate, Fortiswitch, FortiClient, Acronis Advanced Email Security, Diamatix Professional Services, Diamatix SOC 24×7, Diamatix Managed Services.

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