TBS Ltd. will present an exceptional technical solution specifically tailored for the defence industry and the government sectors during this year’s AFCEA TechNet Sofia. The conference this year marks 30 Years AFCEA Sofia Chapter Anniversary and will be held on 10-11 October 2023 in the Central Military Club in Sofia.

During the event, the TBS team will introduce a groundbreaking offering that seamlessly integrates KATIM’s ultra-secure, quantum-resilient conferencing platform with the formidable Fortinet Cybersecurity Fabric. By harnessing the collective strength of various cutting-edge Fortinet products, our solution establishes a robust multi-layered cybersecurity framework, delivering an unmatched defence against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. With unwavering commitment to uncompromising security and technological innovation, the solution redefines the standards of secure communication, empowering organizations to navigate the digital era with confidence and resilience.

By combining Fortinet’s robust security infrastructure with the KATIM’s ultra-secure, quantum-resilient private conferencing solution, your organization will benefit from: Comprehensive Security, Confidentiality and Privacy, Threat Detection and Response, Compliance with Industry Standards, Seamless Integration, and last but not least Future-Proofing.

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