OneBiotic SF1

TBS Ltd. will unveil OneBiotic SF1, a superfood designed to meet the ever-growing demands of professional soldiers, pilots and astronauts at IDEX 2023. The stand-out supplement is the result of the collaboration between TBS Ltd. as provider of some of the world’s most innovative and advanced technological solutions securing Land, Air and Space and MLO International Ltd., expert in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation.

The complete nutritional profile of OneBiotic SF1 caters for the wellbeing of the personnel and makes it a perfect fit for missions of the land, air and space forces. This next-generation supplement contains nine biocompatible probiotic strains that can survive inside the body and exhibit potent probiotic activity once they enter the organism. It gives the body of the modern soldier a valuable set of natural tools to fight microbial invaders, hostile pathogens and immune deficiencies.

You can learn more and try this revolutionary product at the stand of TBS Ltd.


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