Mobile Video Patroller and Modularis Criminal Investigation System – key technologies for the modernization of the Bulgarian police and pre-trial proceedings

Sofia, 02.12.2010 – Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, who was also patron of the event, opened the conference with a lecture entitled: “Political aspects of the Strategy for National Security”. The conference was also attended by Defence Minister Anyu Angelov and Deputy Ministers of Defense – Valentin Radev and Ministry Of Interior – Pavlin Dimitrov, and among those present were officials from the MoD, MoI, SCIS, SANS, SCP, etc. In his speech, Minister Tsvetanov stressed explicitly that “the main priority of the government” enclosed into the strategy is “primarily to ensure the personal security of citizens”. In line with the remarks made by Minister Tsvetanov and the theme of the conference concerning national security was the exclusive presentation of both innovative security solutions – for mobile video surveillance – Mobile Video Patroller (MVP) and the system for crime analysis – Modularis Criminal Investigation System (MCIS).

Robert Kosla, who was a special guest and presenter at the conference, delivered an opening address and a lecture on “Microsoft – strategic partner for transformation of the armed forces.” As CEE HQ Regional Director at Microsoft for “Public safety, national security and defense”, Mr. Kosla presented the technology, on which the two innovative solutions – MVP and MCIS were developed. As National Coordinator for implementation of Schengen Information System (SIS) in the Republic of Poland and proceeding from his extensive experience, Mr. Kosla highlighted the benefits of implementing such technology products as good practices in the fight against organized crime. Based on his 19 – year service in the army and in security agencies of Poland, he praised the MVP and MCIS, as key technologies that would play an important role in the modernization of the Bulgarian police forces and pre-trial proceedings in Bulgaria’s road to an efficient membership in the Schengen area.

Another special guest and participant in the conference was the main developer of the software of the two products – Mr. A.J. Singh, who presented and demonstrated the rich functionality of the system of criminal analysis MCIS. A.J. Singh, emphasized that the greatest proof of its effectiveness is that it has already been successfully functioning for 3 years in Prosecutors Office in Pennsylvania, USA, population and territory of which exceeds those of Bulgaria. The presentation ended with the system for mobile video surveillance – MVP and a live demonstration, involving specially equipped patrol cars in Chicago and Sofia.
A culmination of the presentation was the public announcement of the price of the mobile video surveillance system – MVP by the manager of the TBS Ltd., Mr. Stefan Galabov. Thus, he clearly made a commitment to become a guarantor of full transparency in any future implementation of a project to integrate the Mobile Video Patroller for the needs of law enforcement, which further provoked the interest of the audience and was met with universal approval.

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