TBS Ltd. has deployed the most technologically advanced vehicle mountable bird deterrence solution on the market, the BCAS Mobile by Volacom, to Plovdiv Airport. With this new wildlife risk mitigation tool, the aerodrome near Plovdiv joins the list of international airports in Bulgaria to adopt the ground breaking BCAS Mobile.

The novice BCAS Mobile utilizes the power of the proprietary Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR) inducing frequency for effective bird deterrence. The ASR provoking signal not only does not produce stress in the avian species, unlike the traditional and widely used distress calls, but also does not cause habituation in birds’ behaviour even after repeated exposure.

The addition of the BCAS Mobile to the instrumentation of the Bird Control teams at Plovdiv Airport comes after a successful proof of concept period during the busiest period for the aerodrome, in the summer of last year. The analysis of the experts after this trial period concluded with the firm recommendation towards the principal of the airport – the Ministry of Transport, that the solution with its proven effectiveness and flawless operation is a necessary tool for ensuring flight safety at the airport.

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