TBS Ltd. – the only authorized representative of ICSL for Bulgaria lately reported an increased market interest of the device for encrypted mobile communications SecuVoice.

People from the political and business elite, also renowned stars from the show business industry choose the quality and security in communications purchasing the product SecuVoice. This is the best, secure and modern encrypting device on the world technological market, protecting from eavesdrop and providing seamless and protected mobile communications during a call and while using SMS. SecuVoice is hardware based encrypting solution developed by the German Federal Service for Information Security and has a security certificate of NATO. The encrypted Micro SD card is compatible with a big variety of mobile phones, the software of the device is easy for installation which makes its use much more practical and pleasant.
Absolute guarantee for the quality of SecuVoice is the fact that to ensure reliability and security of their communications the Government of Angela Merkel, German Federal Intelligence Office and Federal Police use this device in their daily work.

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