Recently, a distinguished Bulgarian delegation, led by the Director of the Defence Institute “Tsvetan Lazarov”, embarked on a significant visit to the XRANGE, an international, multi-domain testing and evaluation facility, operated by Remaya within the Trading & Mission Support Cluster of the EDGE Group. The delegation, which also included the Director of the Central Artillery Technical Test Range and the Manager of the Test Range of VMZ EAD, was graciously hosted by TBS Ltd., the strategic partner of the EDGE Group in the Balkans.

During the visit, the delegation held crucial meetings at the EDGE headquarters with the VP of International Business and his team. These meetings focused on potential collaborations and advancements in defence technology, aiming to strengthen international relations and identify shared interests within the defence sector.

Moreover, the delegation had the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of EDGE located at Tawazun Industrial Park. Here, they witnessed firsthand the cutting-edge capabilities of Halcon and Lahab, two leading manufacturers under the EDGE Group known for their innovative solutions and high-quality products.

This visit not only solidified the bond between Bulgaria and the UAE but also paved the way for future partnerships and knowledge exchange in defence and security sectors. Such interactions are vital in building global alliances and enhancing defence capabilities on a worldwide scale.

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